This week I find myself inundated with new tasks and opportunities. As I venture farther into this semester my schedule seems to fill more quickly than I could imagine, and the free time I do have is generally spent on homework assignments, reading, and practicing piano. Despite the amount of work these new responsibilities require I feel as though I am continually growing and becoming both a better thinker and communicator.

In addition, I feel privileged to work with Nick and Denise on the new servant team for Marsh chapel which we have finally entitled, MOVE: The Marsh Organization on Volunteer Engagement. Learning about the incredible foundations and volunteer efforts we can support in the Boston area is inspiring to my call to serve and gives me hope that our program will succeed in any facet we choose.

Reminding myself to reflect on God seems to be challenging with my heavy schedule so I look forward to making time for more prayer and reflection this upcoming week.

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