Choosing Housing

Today I experienced just how fast housing is snatched up at Boston University. Earlier this month, my three friends and I put together a list of options ranging from East to West campus. We were very organized and checked the housing availability website regularly.

Then today our time came to choose our housing. With each passing hour our list slowly began to deplete until our only option left was Sleeper Hall, our current residence. Regretfully, we right clicked the submit button and established our spot in the vacant eighth floor of Sleeper Hall. It is an understatement to say that we were bummed. The gleaming StuVi apartments seemed to tower over me more than usual as I walked back to class after the submission.

But after a brief time of reflection, I sit in my Sleeper Hall dormitory grateful. I am grateful for the freedom to study at BU and have a room to call my own. I’m also grateful for the abundance of relationships that I have made thus far and the many more I hope to cultivate in the future.

Finally, I am reminded today that many in this world are not fortunate enough to have even the slightest of opportunities I have here in Boston. Though Sleeper Hall may not have been my first choice, it was a choice. A freedom.

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