I have been attached to the concept of energy since the middle of the summer. Energy is what I seek constantly in my life. I believe in the power of energy, and more importantly how much I learn from energy. In my third year at Boston University, I have tried to portray a different energy this year. Mentally, I’m more focused on the future and what happens next then any other time in my life. I’m determined to leave Boston university someone who made an impact on the community. A few weeks ago I wrote a prayers of the people that was deeply personal, although it was general. Every sentence hit me. I was speaking to around 50 people in the congregation, but it felt like just me in the sanctuary. Over the summer I fell in love with energy and attached myself to people with high energy. But, reflecting on the summer, I fell in love with energy because I myself was drained of all energy. I was exhausted and a shell of my true self. So, I am now torn. Is energy me running away or running towards something. I honestly don’t know. It hurts either way.

“sometimes I laugh with God about how they can’t stop me”

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Phoebe posted on October 4, 2017 at 6:03 pm

This is an interesting concept, I interpret it as being “addicted” to high energy because it makes you feel better. I have felt the same way in recent months. Your words made me realize that the more I focus on gaining energy from my internal being, the happier I am. I think that means I am both running away from something and running towards something, but the future is bigger regardless.

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