Me Me Me

My Collegiate Identity is one I find to be increasingly about “I.” My future. My homework. My schedule. My needs.

It is hard not to focus solely on oneself in an atmosphere that encourages us to look inward at our true identities, taking four (or more) years of discovery to find our personal passions, preferences, and personalities.

Currently I struggle to find a balance between focusing on myself and others. How can I accommodate others when I have such a need to find myself? Is it enough to simply learn and study about how others think, believe, and act without interacting with them?

Don’t get me wrong, I think BU gives us ample opportunity to meet other people of different backgrounds and grow in understanding to find common ground, but it is certainly difficult to do so when placed in such an intensely personal time of self analyzation and discovery.

I have been thinking about this quite regularly throughout the genesis of my sophomore year and I am trying to make an effort to think about others more.

The generous donations MOVE received from Marsh this week really put this concept of putting others first at the forefront of my schedule. There is so much need in the world today that I feel I should do more to consider “we” rather than just “I.”

But then again, that’s just what I think.

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