Hope – Day 293

Today after church, MOVE decided to take our volunteer efforts to the public sphere and put together relief kits on the plaza of Marsh. We had some music going and I was tasked with trying to get any and everyone to come and help us finish our kits. I was surprised but the outcome and how many people were willing to take a few minutes out of their day and help us out. There was a moment when Lovely Day was on and we had about seven people helping out and I just felt this rush of joy. I was content in that moment, happy with life and amazed by the simple idea of love. Sunday was a good day. Sunday I was just happy to be apart of something so positive and so real. I can’t wait to have consistent days like Sunday. Days where the stress of school don’t matter and we just feel good. I left Marsh and had Brothers United at Dean Elmore’s house and hope just seemed to be everywhere. I still feel it pulsating and vibrating everywhere. I think we live in the “dark ages” a period where being negative and blue is the norm. But, today I had a glimpse of hope. It is more than powerful. It is day changing and year making.

I’m excited for MOVE and the change we can make on this campus. We may not change the world but we can give others that same feeling I had today and that for me is enough. Being able to share that feeling is bigger than numbers and funds raised. It’s being apart of someones “moment.”

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