I recently went to a poetry slam this past week, and one of the student poets decided to focus on love throughout her work. Me, being the hopeless and movie type love believer became immediately drawn into her words. One of the lines that stuck with me was, “love is all the moments that don’t make it into the poetry.” I thought about people in my life, but the overwhelming ┬áperson I connected that moment to most was God. All the little moments that I forget to say thank you for and his unwavering love for me regardless. I don’t think I can ever love like that, I really believe it’s an unachievable goal. To love like Jesus, is to consistently be self-less. I’ve set the goal of thanking God more for the little things. Going home I was obviously very grateful to be surrounded by family and friends. It was a necessary break. I don’t feel refreshed or renewed, but committed to finishing. I think it’s interesting to think of this time of your life as suffering, when we are so blessed everyday. How can you understand those two opposing ideas and feel both everyday? That is a constant mood. I am struggling to keep my faith but I also understand what a blessing it is to be in this moment right now.

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nedayas posted on August 20, 2023 at 10:47 am

Love may be the only thing that can shorten many distances…
What do you think?

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