In the Beginning…

Last Thursday, I was tasked with reading Genesis for my English class. The class deals with major works and authors including the likes of Virgil and Homer, and yes the Bible too. I bought the required King James Version Bible to study and write in throughout the semester so I wouldn’t mark up my third grade bible with words like “simile” or “assonance.” This $1.50 used KJV Bible I bought off of Amazon felt quite different in my hands than the one I had always read growing up at Sunday School. I felt weird. Almost uncomfortable even.

Nevertheless, I sat at my desk Thursday evening, and once again read those famous words, “In the beginning…” I continued on through the rest of the first three chapters assigned and once I finished I paused for a moment. I realized that this was the first time in awhile I had sat down and read scripture outside of  reading on Sundays at the lectern or in the pews. Maybe that’s why I was uncomfortable after all. It became fairly clear to me that reading scripture outside of church was a missing link in my faith. I’ve always enjoyed reading, but why is it that I forget, or rather decide to forget to read scripture on my own time?

So after this experience, I set a goal to read the Bible cover to cover by the end of the semester. With many challenging situations and obstacles to overcome this semester, I realize now that I need to do more than just pray and reflect and attend. I need to read and learn and listen.

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