The Birthplace of Love


I finally understand why the land of Israel has been fought over since, what feels like the beginning of mankind. I was standing looking at the sunrise at the sea of Galilee and realized that I am in the land where love was born. The most powerful force known to man, was birthed on this land. For me, I could feel as I moved throughout the city. It felt different, like there was just something genuine about this place. It was ironic that a place that is constantly at the center of so much conflict is built upon the basic principle of love. Israel will forever have a special place in my heart because of what I felt walking around the entire country. Regardless of if someone is pro-israel, pro-palestine, or has yet to find where the beliefs fall, I think everyone should go to Israel. Religious or secular there’s something for everyone in Israel. Is there work to be done? Absolutely. DId I struggle to understand all the nuances of the conflict and what any solution will look like? Completely. But I brought home, a feeling that cannot be reproduced. You have to go and see and feel for yourself.  It’s contagious from the moment you enter the land, you can’t help, but feel something. It’s not just in the holy city of Jerusalem, but it’s throughout the entire country. I’m far from an expert on the conflict, but I think one of the first steps to ending the conflict and finding real peace is taking a step back and remembering where you are, the birthplace of love.


I remember dipping my hands in the Sea of Galilee, cupping the water, and drinking from it. I honestly didn’t expect it to be so fresh and I was surprised that I didn’t get extremely sick or poisoned somehow. It was naturally pure. Every place on earth has its issues, but the true beauty lies in the way that we overcome those issues. Of course there is conflict when discussing Israel or Palestine, but there is no conflict when you genuinely speak to the people. I remember being led on a graffiti tour in Tel Aviv and seeing artwork that was inspired by internal and external conflicts the state of Israel faces and it brought me hope because it showed that there are good people everywhere. I remember speaking with Arabs from Bethlehem in Area C of the west bank and cracking jokes and laughing  with them at their workplace. I remember having fun at a new years party in Tel Aviv and praying under the foundation stone in the well of spirits only a few days afterward. It does indeed have something for everyone who is willing to go and experience the state first hand, regardless of how religious or secular an individual is. God willing the state of Israel and the state of Palestine will be neighboring states and find peace as the people who live in these countries are full of love.


I think what matters most to me is remember where I was and what it means to the people of Israel. I don’t think I realized what the land meant to all the residents of Israel. I understand why so many politicians run away from commenting on the issue, it’s messy. As someone that chooses not to focus on international issues because there is so much work to do at home, this trip had pushed me to think on a larger scale. Emi and I came and left from Israel with two very different perspectives, but we both focused on the land. The physical space that makes up Israel is why I have hope for the conflict. Despite being a place that has seen bloodshed and warfare consistently it has maintained its beauty. It is still a beacon of hope.

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