An Impressive Faith

This week I have been thinking a lot about my Grandparents. Specifically, my Grandmother. My Grandmother (dad’s side) is the sweetest and most loving woman I know. Yet how she remains this way boggles my mind. Florence is the mother of three sons and married to a wonderful man (my grandfather) who had a major stroke when I was four years old. I do not remember the Rene before his emergency; however, from what I have been told, he was a different man. Harsher, quieter, and far more independent. Since that change, my Grandmother has been his primary caretaker, though every year that title seems to decrease as her needs continue to grow. That being said, the love that they share still remains constant.

Florence also holds the title for the most spiritual person in my life and she continues to inspire the rest of my family with her faith. This faith is held amongst her entire friend group and seems to be the main factor keeping them together. However, this faith is often tested.             Florence’s oldest son (my uncle) was troubled throughout his life. He loved his family but the decisions he made ultimately led to his passing two years ago. When I received the call for his passing, my mind went directly to my Grandmother and how she would handle it. When I finally was with her I could see her pain masked behind a wall of solemnity yet her faith untarnished. Then I realized her entire support group has gone through this before. Her longtime friend from grade school lost both children years ago and my father’s godmother lost a child of her own ten years before.

So how is it that with all this pain and all this tragedy, these three women remain strong with an undoubted love for the Lord? I have not discovered true answer to this out of fear that the question would be too personal for my Grandmother to answer; however, the solution that I have deduced is as follows: These women may not understand why their children were taken from this world so young; yet, they do not focus on this anger and instead focus on the love that created these lives and the love that these lives gave to them and those around them. The Lord took away a physical piece of their lives, but what he left was an eternal blessing of memories, love, and influence from these people.

Maybe this is how my Grandmother remains a beacon of light for my family, or maybe this is some incorrect deduction from all that I have observed in my life. But one thing remains clear and inspiring, Florence Bergeron loves the Lord, she loves my Grandfather and Family, she loves her friends, and she will forever love her lost son.


n.ya posted on June 10, 2023 at 6:06 am

It has always been like that. The faith of elders has always been greater than ours.
And maybe our faith is more than our children…
I do not know, maybe

mixing tank posted on June 16, 2023 at 9:44 pm

Well done!

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