To My Friend

Today I would like to take the time to appreciate my fellow Marsh Associate and friend Ian Quillen. He informed me a while ago that he got into all the graduate schools that he had applied to. This includes Northwestern and Vanderbilt. I would just like to say how proud of him that I am.

He has always been such a good friend to me since I came to Boston University.  I came last year during the spring semester. Ian took me under his wing and constantly made sure that I was doing well and was adapting well to college life. He has been a major part in my development and college career.

He is also a role model and poster child for working hard. If you want to see what I mean just ask him to show you his course schedule. When I asked him about having senioritis he responded with “I don’t have time for that.” That really shows the kind of person that he is. Very devoted.

Yet, the best thing about him: you would not know about any of his accomplishments unless you asked him. He is not the slightest bit conceited. He is about as far from the word as possible. Maybe he just ‘doesn’t have time for that’ either. But I doubt it.
Marsh will not be the same without him next year. But one thing is for sure, no matter where he goes he will be successful. Whether in Chicago or Nashville he will be successful. I am proud of him no matter what decision he makes and am glad I have gotten to know him and work with him. I am proud to be his friend.

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