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Happy Valentine’s Day, BU! Show some love.

Hope you’re all enjoying V-Day, Terriers. Today would be a great time to show some love to our favorite Dean of Students – Dean Elmore! Vote for him in the Shorty Awards!

In honor of Valentine’s Day, Meet One of Our Heartthrobs!

Upon careful consideration, we have come to the conclusion that we have never formally introduced ourselves to you fine folks. And since it’s Valentine’s Day, what sweeter way to celebrate than to introduce one of our very elite seniors. The one and only Julia Butler. I’m not sure if you noticed, but Julia is from […]

And the Nominees Are…

Hey there, Terriers! Happy Jerzday! Oops—did I say that? I’d like to thank you for taking a moment away from BU Memes to focus on something else (because let’s be honest, you were either reading them or cursing that they still exist). What we have for you today is pretty cool, and I know a […]

Beanpot Viewing Party! (In other news, we are really good at hockey.)

So, in case you didn’t know, the Patriots failed in their second attempt to best the NY Giants in the Super Bowl. I would have probably been inconsolable about this if not for the fact that, the VERY NEXT NIGHT, the Terriers did their best to cheer me up by steamrolling Harvard in the Beanpot, […]

On or Off? BU’s Housing Expo

Hey there, Terriers! As an off-campus resident, I have to admit I do not miss the anxiety of waiting for my housing lottery number. Every day, you wait, checking your mailbox. Nervous. Excited. Desperate. You see something. Damn…jury duty. The next day, a letter from your mom. THEN BAM. It arrives, and panic sets in. […]

Beantown Challenge!

Hey Terriers, Want a chance to win $500 dollars in LevelUp credit? Or how about a year’s worth of Agganis concert tickets? This year, BU’s ready to dominate the Beantown Challenge for the second year in a row. Check out our Facebook event page to learn more and start playing. Good luck! -Emma

It’s Game Time, Baby.

I don’t remember much about the 2008 Super Bowl. I have literally repressed it in my memory, the way people repress traumatic incidents. What I do remember is that it was the Giants v. Pats. NY vs. New England. And the Patriots were the heavy favorites. After that…nothing. Couldn’t tell you where it was played. […]

Secret Valentine ;)

Hey there, Terriers! Valentine’s Day is approaching, and I’m sure the student body is split between excitement and apathy, but there’s one thing we can all be pumped about: the Dean of Students’ secret valentines. Keep your eye out for DOS staff members who will be carrying a bunch of heart shaped cards. There’s a […]

sh*t Nobody Says at BU

Hey BU, The parody videos of “sh*t ____ says” and “sh*t nobody says” have reached a whole new level. This weekend, we stumbled upon this gem from BU students Katie McCormick and Allison Lynch. We certainly hope you all know who Dean Elmore is at this point. Happy Monday, terriers! -Emma

Let’s Get Made

Happy Friday, BU! Tired of the day-to-day routine?  Been meaning to make a big change? Well here’s your big break, terriers. MTV will be coming to campus on February 7th and 8th to cast for their newest episode of MADE. Yeah, that’s right—MTV is jumping into the big leagues of college campuses to hunt down […]