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Who is the Other?

A few weeks ago I helped my friend Linor lead the Big Q conversations at Hillel during shabbat for the non-Jews. The leading question was “Who is the Other”, this could be a question of identity in any sense of the word. Religiously tackling the question during our planning was interesting. Linor is a secular […]

The Holy City

How often do we ignore the issues facing others when we only think of ourselves? Why do we do this to others and to ourselves? The city of Jerusalem has been claimed by both Israeli’s and Palestinians the capital of each nation; however, it is not internationally recognized in any nations favor. The old city […]


Birth. Family. Brotherhood. Pain. Suffering. Struggle. Life. Who is our god when we our born? Our sustainer, provider, guide, that which we fear, that we which we respect, and that which we love. Our first god is our parent(s)/guardian(s). Is this blasphemy or comfort? We cannot see god, so when we are young all that […]


We all face problems that aren’t presented to the world every second of the day, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Sometimes these problems can be external and come from others, but is this true?Recently I found out I will be going to Israel-Palestine with the David Project, an organization that has teamed up […]

We are Not Real

Human Population: ~7.6 Billion We continue to study atoms and work like ants, cut grass, look at plants and landscape houses, small and big. We look at other humans, hate, but love wins. Speak and judge based on skin creed, ideas, faith coming to the conclusion that we are different, but uniquely great. A look […]


Everyone suffers from addiction at some point in their life. That sounds a little crazy and shocking, but everyone at some point becomes addicted to a substance, idea, or entity; however, it does not need to be negative. Personally, I grew up in an area where drugs were around, but they weren’t the only thing. […]

Can’t Change the World Unless We Change Ourselves

The one thing I want to do with my life is make for certain that it is a much better place when I leave it than it was when I was breathed into it. It sounds a bit cheesy, but I want to save the world. I want to be the change I wish to […]

We are one

Last week I felt blessed. It was the first meeting for the Boston Bridges Fellowship Program, a program designed to create relationships between religious and communal leaders throughout the Greater Boston area. There were twelve Fellows and amongst them six Christians, two Rabbis, two Muslims, one Hindu, and one Baha’i. Coming from a community where […]