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The holidays are  a time to reflect on what we have and look forward with hope at the future, the year we have ahead of us. Christmas itself has become a very commercialized holiday, with advertisements and commercials for the hottest toys, technology, etc. We get so caught up sometimes during the holidays in finding the […]

at this point and more.

My roommate Lindsey is one of my closest friends and I love her dearly, but when she came back from being home all weekend, she was singing songs and not just any song, Christmas carols. I for one am someone who starts listening to Christmas music on November 1, so while I had been listening […]


When I made the decision a few years ago to go to school in Boston instead of somewhere close to home, I knew that it would be a transition, and I knew there would be challenges. Growing up my mom would tell me to be prepared as life has more transitions than I might think. I […]

Family matters and more.

I was born into a family that one could say was “blended”. I have three siblings, all from my father’s previous marriages, and my mother had a built a reputation for being talented in two areas: cooking and interior decorating. My oldest sister, Shannon is a librarian; my middle sister Katie is a stay at […]

The Journey of Faith

Until recently, I thought I was doing everything right when it came to my faith. I prayed, went to church on Sunday, and was involved in acolyting and children’s ministry. I thought I had figured out how to be the “perfect” Christian. My faith has been important to me my entire life, and has always […]

Growing up A Church Kid

  I was born and raised in Birmingham, AL and was baptized in the Episcopal church. My mom grew up Baptist, and my dad grew up Presbyterian. When my mom was in her 20s she discovered the Episcopal faith, and has been an Episcopalian ever since. When my dad married my mom, he converted from […]