My Favorite Classes I’ve Taken at BU

By Marissa Carty (CAS’22)

When it comes to courses, Boston University has just about everything. Here’s a glimpse of some of my favorites!

Public Writing: CAS WR415

This course gives students the opportunity to write for a public audience on topics of their own choosing. I wrote a science communication article on romantic passion, edited a real Wikipedia page on Taylor Swift’s song All Too Well, and wrote and filmed a TED talk-style video on the health benefits of fun and joy. This class was all about impact and real world implications. The professor was wonderful and she even brought in guest speakers for us to learn from! 

Keystone Proposal Workshop: KHC HC451

This course is for Kilachand juniors who are looking to plan out their keystone project. The keystone project can be an honors project in your department (an honors thesis in psychology, the senior engineering design project) or can be a project of your own choosing through Kilachand. Students who pursue a project of their own usually do something more creative and interdisciplinary (like creating a theater production, designing a playground, or starting a podcast). 

I took the Keystone Proposal Workshop with Kilachand Director Dr. Carrie Preston, whose insight was invaluable. She helped me formulate a research question, find an advisor, and create a timeline for my project. (I’m writing a poetry collection on the science of well-being!) This class was also amazing because I got to watch the unique projects of my classmates develop over the course of the semester. Since Kilachand students come from all majors, I learned about an economics project on luxury handbags, a business plan on sustainable fashion, and a documentary on road trips.

Psychology of the Family: CAS PS370

For upperclassmen studying psychology, this course is a must! We learned the science behind marriage, divorce, flirting & dating, child-parent relationships, family dynamics, and overall communication and empathy. If you’re looking to reflect on your own life and role in relationships, this course is an excellent way to both learn the theories and try the strategies in practice. Taking this class has absolutely set me up for more resilient, stable, and healthy relationships. No other life experience inside or outside of college has been so meaningful to me. 

Jazz, Modern, Ballet, Yoga, & more: PDPs

Did you know that Boston University offers exercise classes at FitRec (our gym) that are open to all students? You can take anything from ice skating to tennis to zen meditation to ballroom dancing. Having PDP courses in my schedule ensured that I had time to move my body, and they were a fun break away from my academic courses. I highly recommend them to all BU students!