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Junior Campaign

As I begin my junior campaign here at Boston University, I feel the pressure of the moment and the need to do something. There has to be a focus this year. Moves have to be made and I met push myself to new heights. The pressure comes from myself, it’s what’s gotten me thus far. […]


Walking up the steep hill to my externship at Hebrew College, which I did not apply to because I knew well the assistant director, I realized my privilege. I have two internships that pay me and also care about my development fully. While I’ve had a “rough” semester, I’ve received a full ride to BU […]

Easter Vibes, I’m on an Easter High

He has risen and this beautiful Easter Sunday continues to shine on as I write this blog. It is without question the best day of the year and the best weekend of the year. From Good Friday and the 7 last words services to Easter Egg hunts and spending much needed time with family, Easter […]

The Call to Love

Devin, Nick, Denise, and Tom delivered a sermon during today’s Maundy Thursday service! As I listened to them meditate on what it meant for Jesus to wash his disciples’ feet and how to love unconditionally, I was reminded of all the work that each of the Marsh Associates put into writing it, as well as the […]

Low times and high hills

I’ve had a rough semester. I’ve faced challenges I never imagined I could conquer and this semester has been a complete rollercoaster. It’s had high peaks and deep consuming drops. In these low times and high hills I’ve become thankful to the people I’ve opened myself up to here. They’ve kept me going. They have […]

A Letter to Franklin County Public Schools

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” The quote above comes from former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt. On my spring break trip for Alternative Service Breaks, we left that quote, along with many others, to the students of Terrell Lane Middle School. I remember it most because it exhibited […]

– no one knows me like the piano & more life –

It has been a tough week post spring break. I had a transformative time on ASB, but since then I have felt out of whack. My phone cracked, my mac died after fighting a good fight for six years and I calculated all the debt that I will graduate with and the amount of time […]

What Makes Me Come Alive

I’ve done my fair share of programs and opportunities here at BU, but this past spring break I participated in my best experience at BU to date. I was a co-coordinator for Alternative Service Breaks and led a trip down to Louisburg, North Carolina to volunteer at Terrell Lane Middle School. While we had been […]

This I Know for Sure.

On Monday, February 27th, 2017 my life changed. I had a missed call after leaving our weekly intern meeting that I’ll never forget. I walked up the stairs of Marsh with my close friend Denise and told her “I’m about to find out about the scholarship” and she said good luck and we went our […]

“I haven’t heard drums in what feels like years”

This past Sunday I visited Saint Marks Church in Roxbury where Ms. Kennedy of the HTC is a member.  I walked into the small and homey church and saw children’s paintings and church mothers in their “church hats” and I felt at home. As I listened to the choir sing, I realized that this was […]