Creative Ways to Cut 150 Calories Daily

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Mangia with Less Pasta: When eating pasta, ALWAYS enjoy it with equal amounts of vegetables. A dinner of 2 cups of pasta will twirl 400 calories on your plate. To cut calories but not bulk, for every cup of pasta (200 calories) that you dish out, mix it with a cup of cooked vegetables (approximately 50 calories). You will end up with a heaping pasta dinner of only 250 calories , a savings of 150 calories. Your tummy will be satisfied and your waist will be happy.
Head to Microwave, Not the Vending Machine For A Snack: Instead of munching on 250 calories (a heaping handful) of fat-laden chips, pop one of those adorable 100 calorie popcorn snack packs in the microwave. Chockfull of fiber, the popcorn is twice the portion size of the chips at a fraction of the calories

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Give Your Java a Jolt: Why order a Starbucks Caramel Macchiatro at the grande size of 240 calories when you can get your java fix with a delicious 80 calorie Cappuccino made with skim milk? Don’t forget the sprinkle of cinnamon.
Toss the Bagel: Trade in the 330 calorie bagel-shop bagel, toast up a English muffin for a mere 130 calories with a tad of jam (50 calories per tablespoon). Stockpile a package of whole wheat English muffins in your freezer so that you never run out.
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Walk while you talk: When you are talking on the cordless or cell phone, get up and walk around the office or house. Whether you’ve a job that chains you to the phone all day or you’re a chatterbox with your family and friends in the evening, you could be working out while you’re gabbing. Consider this: a
140 lb person would burn approximately 150 calories for an hour of walking and talking daily.