Shop Smart in the Dairy Aisle

Go for the big cheese — you’ll get more for your money

Food Size and Price Per Package Cost/Unit
Yogurt, vanilla 8-ounce container, $.99 each $.99 per 8 ounces
Yogurt, vanilla 32-ounce container, $2.79 $.70 per 8 ounces
Cheese, string (mozzarella), individually wrapped, 1 ounce each 12-ounce package, $4.49 $5.99 per pound
Cheese, mozzarella, part skim 1 pound, $5.29 $5.29 per pound

Tip: Good things don’t always have to come in small packages. When it comes to dairy items, the bigger size container or package can help you save big. Spoon a serving of yogurt into a bowl and slice your own, one-ounce cheese snack.