Shop Smart in the Deli Aisle

A weekend meal can last as leftovers all week

Food Size and Price Per Package Cost/Unit
Deli, roasted turkey breast 1 pound, sliced, $7.99 $7.99 per pound
Turkey breast, boneless, whole 8 pounds, $11.92 $1.49 per pound
Deli ham 1 pound, sliced, $8.99 $8.99 per pound
Ham, lean 2 pound, $10.98 $5.49 per pound

Tip: Think of the deli as valet parking. You can pay to have someone park — I mean cook — your turkey breast or ham, or you can do it yourself. Buy an entire boneless turkey breast and/or ham, and cook it on the weekend for dinner. The leftovers can be used for weekday sandwiches or frozen for the following week.