Shop Smart in the Produce Aisle

Sometimes fresh produce is the better bargain
Food Size and Price Per Package Cost/Unit
Baby carrots 1 pound bag, $2.69 $2.69 per pound
Carrots, whole 3 pound bag,


$.76 per pound

Tip 1: It takes all of 5 seconds to peel a carrot. (And think of the calories you’ll expend hunting for the vegetable peeler buried in that gadget drawer.) Instead of eating 7 or 8 baby carrots, chomp on an entire carrot, the nutritional equivalent, and save yourself some loot.


Food Size and Price Per Package Cost/Unit
Broccoli, fresh 1 pound, $1.99 $1.99 per pound
Broccoli, cuts, frozen 1 pound, $1.89 $1.89 per pound

Tip 2: At first glance, it may not look like much of a savings, but you’re actually getting more broccoli for your greenbacks with the frozen variety. When you buy fresh broccoli, you’re paying for the hefty stalk that’s going to end up down the garbage disposal. With frozen broccoli everything in the bag is edible. When the price of fresh broccoli dips lower than the frozen variety, consider it a bargain.


Food Size and Price Per Package Cost/Unit
Cabbage, shredded 1 pound, $1.99 $1.99 per pound
Cabbage, head 3 pound head, $2.37 $.79 per pound

Tip 3: To save a bundle on salads, break open the cabbage, wash it, and store it in the fridge in a plastic container. Keep a hand grater nearby and shred as needed for your salads and pita sandwiches.


Food Size and Price Per Package Cost/Unit
Romaine salad, pre-cut, bag 10-ounce bag, $2.99 $4.78 per pound
Romaine lettuce, head 1-1/4 pound, $2.50 $2.00 per pound

Tip 4: Wash and tear your own lettuce for a fraction of the price of the bagged variety.


Food Size and Price Per Package Cost/Unit
Strawberries, fresh 1 pound, $3.49 $3.49 per pound
Strawberries, frozen, whole 1 pound, $2.69 $2.69 per pound

Tip 5: Buying fruit out of season is like buying produce that is 14-karat (not carrot) gold. Until the price drops, sugar-free frozen fruit is a steal. It tastes great in yogurt, cottage cheese, and is even yummy by itself. Defrost it overnight in the refrigerator for a sweet treat the next day.


Food Size and Price Per Package Cost/Unit
Fresh pineapple 1 whole, $3.99 $3.99 each
Pineapple chunks, fresh 12 ounce container, $3.29 $3.49 per pound
Pineapple chunks, canned, in juice 20 ounces, $1.69 $1.35 per pound

Tip 6: I didn’t need the calculator for this one — canned fruit can be a sweet bargain. If only fresh pineapple will do, core your own. Learn how to pick everything from a fresh cantaloupe to strawberries.