The London Study Abroad Experience

By Richard Boylan (COM‘22)

Unsure about whether studying abroad is for you? Here’s some of the best reasons to consider a semester in London!

1. Academics

Admittedly, a great academic experience likely isn’t the first thing you consider when picturing a semester in London, but the classes are unlike anything you’ll take in Boston. With classes taught by British professors each places a uniquely UK-centric focus on your typical major classes. Think a film & tv class focused on the history of British genre films with multiple field trips including a visit to the West End to see a musical satire of the Royal Family. Even more exciting is the guarantee of an internship during the semester. During the second half of the program you’ll intern four days a week at a London-based company getting hands-on experience in your field of interest.

2. The Social Programme

Just as important as academics is the BU London Program’s emphasis on getting to explore the city. The Social Programme is the official name for the various events and day trips offered to students throughout the semester. Visits to Stonehenge, soccer games, plays, Warner Brothers Studio, and national landmarks like Kensington Palace are all offered to students at significantly reduced prices and offer the best value anywhere to see London. Since BU’s study abroad programs are open to a number of partner colleges and universities these events also give you the chance to meet students from all over the U.S.

3. The Museums

London not only boasts some of the best museums in the world, but many of them happen to be free too! The Natural History Museum, Science Museum, and Victoria & Albert Museum are all located within walking distance of all three of the BU London residences. Each offers a unique experience ranging from the ability to experience a magnitude 6.9 earthquake to exploring an exhibit on the rise of David Bowie.

Looking to spend the afternoon exploring famous artwork from as early as the 12th century? The National Gallery is the museum for you. With three wings, the National Gallery houses some of the most well-known works from artists such as Leonardo, Michelangelo, Monet, and van Gogh. More interested in mummies and ancient Greek artifacts? The British Museum offers a centuries spanning collection from around the world including its crowning gem: the Rosetta Stone. 

4. Take A Weekend Trip to Europe

Arguably the best part about studying abroad in London is its proximity to Europe and the rest of the UK. Weekend trips to Wales, Scotland, and Ireland are only a short flight or cheap bus ride away. Similarly the Europe-spanning Eurostar trains depart from St. Pancras International Station daily. With cities like Paris and Brussels less than a three hour train ride away, the railways provide an affordable way to explore all the beauty, history, and culture Europe has to offer.

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