Women in Literary Arts (WILA) Conference

BU Alumna, Erin Belieu, along with Cate Marvin are planning a Women in Literary Arts Conference, and there is a considerable amount of excitement about the proposed conference, and I think a lot of our grads, and current students may be interested in attending. It’s likely to be in the Boston area, either in late September, early October, or some time during May of 2010, so many of our readers may be able to get there on public transportation.

If you’re looking to help out, offer your services, make a donation, or if you would like to receive more informationĀ on the proposed conference, its potential panel members, and for updates on their progress, we recommend joining the WILA Facebook Group. Membership has blossomed from one member late on Wednesday morning, to nearly 2800 as of this moment.

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