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flatmanCrooked Fiction Contest

Creative Writing Alum, Kaelan Smith, who runs the new literary anthology flatmanCrooked, would like to announce their first annual fiction contest. The 2009 Flatmancrooked Prize for Excellent Writing Done During a Period of Great Fiscal Renewal is officially live. Aimee Bender, who wrote The Girl in the Flammable Skirt, amongst other books, and who teaches at the USC […]

The Old Man From Highwater

Swann Li I             In the early morning when Father Fan came home, on his back a bamboo tub of newly dug-up peanuts, muddy and wet, the rain was still falling. Shafts of water were beating on the stone slabs in the yard, splashing up into hundreds of fuzzy dandelion blossoms, wetting the feathers of […]

Notes on a Reading

  On the twenty-third of June, 2009, we met at Newtonville Books for a reading in celebration of issue 69 of AGNI. Editor Sven Birkerts introduced himself with an apology; he’d just returned from a writers’ retreat, where several times daily he was made to stand behind a lectern introducing fresh new voice after fresh new voice. […]

Climbing the Charts!

We’re now the 9th most active blog at BU! Pretty cool, eh?

AAP Anthology

It seems to be Rachel DeWoskin Week here at BU Creative Writing. We’ve just learned that her poem, an AAP Contest winner from the year 2000, has been selected to be included in the newest Academy of American Poets Anthology.

Cyrano de Bergen County

We’d like to congratulate Les Hunter (GRS ’07) on the publication of his new play, “Cyrano de Bergen County, New Jersey.” Here’s a synopsis, and a link to view the play: Lunchtime in the dining room at Ridgewood High in Bergen County, New Jersey is usually pretty dull. But when it’s discovered that two likable jocks, Gene and […]

Playwriting Award

More good news: I’ve just learned that Stephen Barkhimer (GRS ’07) has won the National John Cauble Short Play Award, from the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival, for his play Hard Rain. Just so there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind, this is a huge deal.  In addition to being an excellent playwright, Stephen is also a […]

Charles Simic

Here’s a link to the Charles Simic reading at the Robert Lowell Memorial Lecture back in February. Video of the Faculty Reading should be available shortly. [View video]

Vacation Envy

Our intrepid Playwrights’ Theatre Artistic Director, and Professor, Kate Snodgrass just returned from Italy, and forwarded me these pictures. It’s okay if you’re jealous, or if you cried out “I want to go to there!” Italy will do that to a person.

Prize Winners

We’re happy to announce the winners of several awards: Nikki Bazar is this year’s winner of the Florence Engel Randall Prize in Fiction. Caroline Sterne is the recipient of the Paul T. Hurley Prize in poetry for 2009. Shilpi Suneja is the recipient of the Saul Bellow Award for fiction for 2009. And Renee Emerson’s […]