Monthly Archives: May 2009

Rachel DeWoskin

Creative Writing alumna, Rachel DeWoskin (GRS ’00), will be reading from her new novel Repeat After Me, her fiction debut (her wonderful memoir Foreign Babes in Beijing first appeared in 2005), on June 9th at the BU Barnes & Noble, starting at 7:00 pm, in their 5th floor reading room.  Congratulations, Rachel, and here’s hoping everyone can […]

Bits of Good News

I’ve just found out that several of our students have been published, or will be shortly. Maya Sloan, GRS 2007, has published “Christian Living” in Passages North, and a quick Google search tells me she’s got stories forthcoming in Boulevard and Driftwood. (There may be a book on the horizon as well, but let’s hold […]

Another Reason to Celebrate

Just in case no one noticed: for a very brief moment this afternoon, we were listed at #10 on the top-ten most active blogs on the BU server. Thanks visitors! 

Commencement, May 2009

Christopher Martin, Michael Towers, and Alexis Kozak, moments before the commencement ceremony began. After commencement, our three students celebrate with William Fancher. 

Teaching Advice from a Former Teaching Fellow

Teaching your own undergraduate course at BU is a great learning experience. You make your own syllabus i.e. make students read whatever you want, whatever you think is good literature and worth learning from. Hearing their thoughts on the assigned reading is also rewarding. But first you have to make sure that they are actually doing the […]

Comment Threads

Now that the blog is up and running, we would like to encourage commenting, especially on other people’s work, and especially if you have something useful to say. We think it’s important that the atmosphere of useful criticism continue on into your after-program lives.  Apparently commenters need to be approved prior to submitting comments. I’m […]

Taylor Altman

The Ponds of Boston Some pitted by rain like spotted mirrors, others 
 green and smoky as Venetian glass, 
 choked with weeds and hidden in the woods; some shallow as the palm of a hand, and clear to the bottom, bright with koi; still others dark and turbid, stirred from underneath; some salty to […]

Nigel Assam

Lapeyrouse   From my grandfather on, my family was supposed to be buried in Lapeyrouse Cemetery across from Queen Victoria Square in Trinidad. Back there, there’s no family mausoleum. I remember his grave, shoots of grass from between stones, the corners of the cross blunted, and the too narrow street wide enough only for a […]

The Wind in the Willows

Two new editions of The Wind in the Willows appeared this week, one of them a scholarly, annotated edition by Creative Writing alumna Annie Gauger, who earned her MA here in 1999, and went on to the Editorial Institute to complete her PhD in the early 2000s. Both new editions of the classic childrens’ story were […]

Alessandra Gelmi

Alessandra Gelmi’s (GRS 1999) new book, Ring of Fire: Collected Poems 1972-2008 is now out from Publish America.