Bits of Good News

I’ve just found out that several of our students have been published, or will be shortly. Maya Sloan, GRS 2007, has published “Christian Living” in Passages North, and a quick Google search tells me she’s got stories forthcoming in Boulevard and Driftwood. (There may be a book on the horizon as well, but let’s hold off on that for the moment.)

Caroline Woods, GRS 2008, has just published a story, “The Little Blessing,” in Slice. 

Kathleen Foster recently placed a story, “Admissions,” in the forthcoming issue of Slice as well. 

Daphne Kalotay’s new novel, Russian Winter, is forthcoming this year. 

And, finally, J.M. Buddie (Jackie to those who know her), Thomas McCafferty, and Kaelan James (Kaelan Smith), all classmates of Maya’s, from GRS 2007, have stories forthcoming in flatmanCrooked; one of my pieces is in there, too. 

Congratulations to all, and let this be a reminder to keep us posted on what you’ve been doing. Good luck to you all, and happy Memorial Day weekend. Go forth and grill something.

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