Maia Rauschenberg published in Passages North

Maia RauschenbergNew verse by alumna Maia Rauschenberg (Poetry ’09) has been published in the Winter/Spring 2010 issue of Passages North, a literary magazine published at Northern Michigan University.


Following her graduate, Maia spent several months in Patagonia as the recipient of a Robert Pinsky Global Fellowship for travel related to her creative writing. She blogged periodically about her trip; a November 2009 excerpt from her travel blog:

Tierra del Fugeo is a land of peat bogs, swamps, vista, lichen, and crumble. It’s haunting and peaceful, inhabitated by beaver and bird. It’s easy to feel lonely here, even when other people are around. Coloane’s stories are beginning to come to life for me in an entirely new way. In Boston I struggled to understand his often bleak views of nature, but here, I sense its motives. This land is dramatic, derelict, huge and empty. Some moments it seems the best a person can hope for is a companion and hot mate. But then I touch the bark of the nothofagus. It feels dry, a clear sensation. There’s something magic here, surely.

More about Maia’s experience, and about the Fellowship program, can be read at

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