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Poet Anne Sexton.

Hello all!

Hope your spring breaks have been lovely.  Despite campus being pretty quiet, we kept busy here in CW preparing for the upcoming Annual Faculty Reading and Global Fellowship voyages.  I also had a chance to go to PoemJazz, Literary Jeopardy/a Steve Almond reading, a Ulysses discussion group, and two live comedy shows. Whew!  Did you go to any literary events over spring break?  We’d love to hear about it–leave a comment below!  Here are some links for your Friday:


Woody Allen talks humor writing in The Paris Review.

Sleep habits of famous writers.

One of my favorite poems that was performed at PoemJazz (scroll down to “Street Music”).

Recommendations for how to read Ulysses.

Girls and the word “bossy.”

A former student (and huge Dave Eggers fan) shared this story with me.

Have a fun weekend!

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