Laura Marris published in Meridian


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Laura Marris, a lecturer in poetry at BU, has recently published a review-essay in Meridian on Frank Bidart and his book Metaphysical Dog. From the essay:

“The greater the distance between the artist and the illusion he or she wishes to create, the more poignant the desire to make art. Much of Frank Bidart’s work engages with this process and with the body as a (worthy or unworthy) instrument of illusion. But for a poet who has made a medium of the body, what does it mean to be metaphysical?”

Well done, Laura!

Laura Marris graduated from Yale in 2010 and holds an MFA from Boston University. She is a winner of the Daniel Varoujan Prize from the New England Poetry Club, and her work has appeared or is forthcoming in H.O.W. JournalDMQ Review, and Secousse. She teaches poetry at BU.


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