Sasenarine Persaud’s latest book and news

BBC - Glasgow (4)

Sase Persaud reading at the BBC in Glasgow.

We’re excited to announce that Sasenarine Persaud has just published a new book of poetry, Love in a Time of Technology!  The book includes poems dedicated to Robert Pinsky and Derek Walcott.  Sase has recently returned from his book launch in Toronto, and you can see the announcement for it here.

In addition, Sase had a very productive summer in the UK, where he took part in eight literary events, including a reading and discussion on poetry and poetics, culture, homelands and exiles at the BBC in Glasgow. He also gave an interview and a reading at the Empire Café in Glasgow to an audience of about two-hundred. In Edinburgh, Sase gave two readings at the Saltire Society and three readings at the Edinburgh International Book Festival (EIBF). He opened the 2014 edition of the EIBF with a solo reading called “10 at 10,” in addition to reading with three other poets for an event called “Voices of the Caribbean Diaspora.” His final appearance at the EIBF was at”Jura Unbound,” an evening of poetry, music and reflections.  And, if that weren’t enough, Sase’s poem, “Georgetown,” was printed and distributed on postcards by the BBC.

Hearty congratulations, Sase!

Sasenarine Persaud is the author of twelve books of fiction and poetry. His awards include: The KM Hunter Foundation Award (Toronto) and fellowships from the University of Miami and Boston University. Persaud initiated the term Yogic Realism to define his literary aesthetics. His most recent books are Love in a Time of Technology (TSAR Books, Toronto, 2014), Lantana Strangling Ixora (TSAR Books, Toronto, 2011), Unclosed Entrances: Selected Poems (Caribbean Press, Warwick & Georgetown, 2011) and In a Boston Night (TSAR, Toronto, 2008).

He has been described as “one of those rare poets who gets the recipe of humanness exactly right” (Canadian Literature); and his poetry as “miniature rags, sensuous units of Indian music obeying conventions mysterious to western ears” (The Globe and Mail). Persaud was born in Guyana and has lived in Canada for several years. He tarries in Florida.

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