BU alumni found Prodigal literary magazine

We’re thrilled to announce the creation of Prodigal, a new literary journal of poetry and prose founded by BU Creative Writing alumni!  Its editors include Aaron Kerner (former MFA program coordinator), Michael Kinnucan, Jordan Zandi (poetry ’11) , Chiara Scully, and Nicholas Leonard (poetry ’12), and the art director is Vilija Pakalniskis.   The first issue comes out both in print and on the web this fall.  Click here to go to their website and see some of the work to be featured in the inaugural issue, and click here for the Kickstarter campaign.

Each issue has a theme, and the first issue of Prodigal explores “the tension between singular and collective identities, the ‘i’ versus ‘we.’” Contributors range from emerging to established writers both in the US and abroad, and include Ryan Patrick Frank (poetry ’04), Vanesha Pravin (poetry ’09), Sophie Grimes (poetry ’11), and Tomas Unger (poetry ’14), among others.

Prodigal opens submissions for its second issue mid-summer. Jordan Zandi writes that “it could be a great venue for graduates of the program (especially recent ones) to send their work.”  Visit the Prodigal website for more info.

Congratulations, BU MFAs!  We’re so proud of you.

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