Jessica Ullian publishes essay in BuzzFeed Books


Jessica Ulliam (fiction ’09) has recently published a moving and insightful essay about the struggles of being both a parent and a writer.  Here’s an excerpt:

I write from this place of forced calm because the alternative is not to write at all. I could accept that the free-spirited imagination I once had has been forever subsumed by parenthood. But I fear that would bring its own hazards. My writing, however stunted, still brings me the peace that comes from recognizing and feeding a part of myself. In turn, I bring that peace to parenting, able to give more of myself to my children because I am still a writer, even if only half the writer I want to be.

Read the essay here.

Congratulations, Jessica!

Jessica Ullian’s essays and short stories have appeared in Slate, Slice, and Upstreet, and won recognition from Glimmer Train and The Review Review. She lives in Boston and is completing The Relief Season, a novel about hurricane relief workers. Follow her on Twitter at @jessicau.

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