Ryan Wilson’s Pushcart nomination and publications

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We’re blown away by all of Ryan Wilson’s (Poetry ’08) recent achievements!

Ryan’s poem “Xenia” was published in the Winter 2016 issue of Able Muse, which nominated the poem for a Pushcart Prize. His long poem, “Authority,” was published in the Spring 2016 issue of The Hopkins Review.

Three poems—“L’Esprit de l’Escalier,” “In the Harvest Season,” and the long poem “Il Estraneo”–were published in the Candlemas 2016 issue of Dappled Things.

His poem “Hesperides” was published in The Classical Outlook, 91.1 (Spring 2016).

Forthcoming poems include “Children of Privilege” (Measure) and “For a Dog” (The Yale Review), which was named a finalist for the Frost Farm Prize and for the Morton Marr Prize.

Ryan is also a prolific writer of non-fiction.  His essay “ ‘Rich Refusals’: Donald Justice and the New Critics,” originally appearing in the Winter 2015 issue of The Sewanee Review, was awarded the Walter Sullivan Prize for Promise in Criticism by that journal.

The Sewanee Review also published his essay “Warren, Eliot, Dante, and the Promises of Tradition,” an excerpt from his doctoral dissertation, in their Winter 2016 issue.

The Hopkins Review published his essay “Classic Ransom” in their Winter 2016 issue.

His essay “How to Think Like a Poet,” originally published in the Easter 2015 issue of Dappled Things, was awarded the Jacques Maritain Prize for non-fiction. Additionally, it will be appearing later this year as a monograph from Wiseblood Books. For now, it remains available here.

For the second straight year, his poetry manuscript, The Stranger World, was a finalist for the Vassar Miller Book Prize.

Finally, Ryan has been newly hired as the Office Manager for the Association of Literary Scholars, Critics, and Writers (formerly housed at Boston University), and he is also the new editor of Literary Matters, which will be forthcoming in a new format this Fall as an online journal.

Hearty congratulations, Ryan!

Ryan Wilson was born in Griffin, Georgia. His poems, translations, and essays appear widely, in journals such as 32 Poems, First Things, Iron Horse Literary Review, River Styx, and Unsplendid. Currently living in Baltimore with his wife, he is a doctoral candidate at The Catholic University of America.

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