Make a Difference Mondays are Back!

By Allison Mars, Dietetics Student, Sargent College

Last year BU decided to take a different approach to Mondays. Yes, class is still mandatory, and yes, you have to go to work, but what’s waiting in the dining hall is a pleasant update to usual routine. Once a month BU dining halls will be featuring “Make a Difference Monday,” as a take on the national Meatless Monday campaign. BU Dining service’s sustainability director and Sargent Choice have partnered to create a menu that is not only delicious, but good for the environment as well. On these days no pork or beef will be served, as the production and processing of these two meat options create more greenhouse gases than poultry. In addition to eliminating beef and pork, the dining halls will feature local products from farms all around New England in dishes such as a cranberry dessert or apple cider. In addition to local products, sustainably caught fish will also be on the menu. When BU dining purchases fish, they use a guide produced by the Monterey Bay Aquarium called “Seafood Watch” .This guide categorizes which fish are good choices, and which ones should be avoided. A fish that is a good choice is one that is not currently being over-farmed and is caught in an environmentally responsible way. We love Seafood Watch so much we even featured it on our Best of the Food Apps!

You may be wondering where you can get local and organic food during the rest of the month. Rest assured that we’ve got you covered. BU regularly serves local and seasonal produce, as well as a variety of organic products: just look for the signs! If you have a kitchen, or want something to munch on outside of the dining hall, you can visit the BU Farmer’s Market every Thursday until October 27th outside of the GSU from 12 -5 pm. The Farmer’s Market features delicious local produce, meat, and products such as honey. Another great option is CSA box from Ward’s Berry Farm. We’ve been receiving our CSA through the summer, you can check out our collection of posts/recipes here, and if you are interested in getting your own CSA box check out our post on doing so HERE. With Make a Difference Mondays, Farmers Markets, and sustainable options available in the dining hall, if you are at all interested in eating in a way that’s good for you and for the planet, you’ve chosen the right university!

Make a Difference Monday Dates for Fall Semester:

  • 9/26 — Check back Monday for the Menu!
  • 10/17
  • 11/7
  • 12/5

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