Tofu Scramble in the Dining Halls

By June Duan, Dietetics Student, Sargent College


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Something is new in the BU dining halls, have you noticed? Vegan and Vegetarian-friendly Tofu Scramble is now being tested during breakfast hours (7-11AM) in all of the dining halls!

For those of you not familiar with the dish, a tofu scramble is basically the same as regular scrambled eggs, just with tofu instead. It’s a classic vegan recipe that provides a hearty, filling meal with plenty of protein. Although it’s a staple for most vegans and some vegetarians, many of us have never tried (or even heard of) the dish. So what brought about the change?

According to Sabrina Pashtan, BU Sustainability was approached by the Vegetarian Society to create more vegan options at breakfast. And, as we all know, BU takes its vegetarian/vegan population very seriously. In fact, our current residence cycle menu boasts 80% vegetarian friendly recipes and twice a month, BU holds Make a Difference Mondays, which promote even more vegetarian and vegan options.

“We decided to start offering the tofu scramble on a daily basis, rather than just on Make a Difference Monday. It is part of a larger effort to take our vegan offerings to the next level and make sure we meet the expectations of vegan diners” — Sabrina Pashtan, BU Sustainability Director

“This is a great way for lacto-vegetarians and vegans who do not eat eggs as a nutritious source of protein in the morning” says Sarah Butler, Sargent Choice Nutrition Center registered dietitian.

“ …I think it’s wonderful. Contamination with eggs was not an issue – they had a separate pan and spatula for the tofu… It’s wonderful to have a filling vegan option at breakfast.”  Says Graham Boswell, a member of BU’s Vegetarian Society.

As of right now, the tofu scramble is only in the testing phase – so make sure you try it out in case it disappears! Even if you aren’t vegan, a tofu scramble could provide satisfying new meal idea.

“I’ve always wanted to try tofu at breakfast” Jenn Tran (CAS ‘14)

“ …I think it’s wonderful. Contamination with eggs was not an issue – they had a separate pan and spatula for the tofu… It’s wonderful to have a filling vegan option at breakfast.”  Says Graham Boswell, a member of BU’s Vegetarian Society.

“I like the lighter consistency of the tofu” Shawn Hsu (SMED ‘ 16)


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Picture Source

Tips for making your Tofu Scramble:

  • The dining hall adds turmeric! This spice adds color and flavor to your tofu dish. For more information on turmeric click here
  • Since tofu is a sponge for flavors, load up on veggies such as tomatoes and onions so more flavor can be infused in each bite!
  • Don’t be afraid to take advantage of the dining halls’ ample sauce selection – soy sauce is surprisingly good in this instance.
  • On the go? Try putting it in a whole-wheat wrap for a quick and portable breakfast burrito.

So the next time you want some scrambled eggs, try the new tofu scramble! And please, tell us what you think!


Top 10 best product reviews posted on March 4, 2012 at 6:23 pm

Tofu is so yummy! and its health benefits are also mind bowing. Breakfast is the best time to take it.

Claire posted on March 5, 2012 at 2:08 pm

I had this for breakfast this morning in shelton. SO delicious. the turmeric is a great addition- wonderful on a toasted english muffin too.

Leak Detection System posted on March 7, 2012 at 1:03 am

Actually i am a pure vegetarian so tofu can be a best option for me as a breakfast And also good for health.

gary posted on March 8, 2012 at 6:20 pm

I am glad a found this article;it prompted me to do more research. I have been in the soy is bad for you unless it is fermented camp, but what I found has changed my view. One good article recommended eating or drinking soy in moderation, and to choose organic and non-GMO.

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