MTV star soon to appear at Sargent Choice Night

With the first Sargent Choice Night of the year only a week away, we think it is fitting to start getting you guys excited by introducing you to Executive Chef Michael, the man responsible for spoiling us with college food fit for a restaurant.

By Bianca Tamburello, Dietetics Student, Sargent College

Okay, well maybe he’s not a recurring MTV star, but did you know our Executive Chef Michael Thrash of West dining hall was featured on MTV in 2008?

I was lucky enough to sit down with Chef Michael to talk about his culinary background (including his MTV appearance) and of course his big plans for Sargent Choice Night next week on Thursday 9/27.

Meet the Chef

Although he’s traveled the world, cooking in Germany, France, Vermont, New York, Beverly Hills and even Disney World, Thrash specifically chose BU Dining for the diversity of our campus. When asked about the difference between cooking in a restaurant setting and BU dining he said:

I build more of a relationship and trust with the students here, because I see them more often…seeing the same students everyday also challenges me to mix it up with the menu.

With a degree in Culinary Arts and a minor in Nutrition from Johnson & Wales University, Thrash was thrilled to learn about the Sargent Choice Nutrition program. Even though he’s worked in countless numbers of restaurants and dining facilities, he said that he has never seen a program quite like SC and wished he had a Sargent Choice program at his college.

Creating the SC Night menu

After much collaboration among the dietitians at the SCNC with the chefs and food production managers at BU Dining Services, Thrash was given the creative freedom to find the perfect theme for this year’s Sargent Choice Night menu. In his own words, he chose “a healthy spin on traditional New England cooking”  to welcome old and new students with comfort foods that everyone will love.

After extensive food history research, Chef Michael generated a master list of classic New England recipes. After implementing SC principles, much recipe trial and error, taste tests, and recommendations from SCNC dietitians, Chef Michael created a bountiful New England menu to please any BU student, including vegetarians, vegans and gluten-free eaters. The New England themed menu will serve creamy clam chowder, mussels, blueberry pie and even apple cider!

As students, we’re often unaware of the deep thought and time that goes into each and every recipe in the dining facilities across campus. Chef Michael, all the chefs at BU Dining, and the dietitians at the SCNC truly care about offering us the best and most delicious and nutritious foods available.

In fact, Chef Michael revealed that there is a large amount of friendly competition about which chef serves the best food in their dining hall. To settle the debate, he has officially challenged the chefs at Warren and Marciano Commons to an “Iron Chef” competition for BU students to enjoy.

The BU chefs are also very competitive about the number of tweets they receive, so show your dining hall pride and  Tweet @BUDiningService #ChefMichael and @SargentChoice #SCNight this Sargent Choice Night 9/27.

Hope to see you there!


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