Best of the Food Web: Celiac Central

By Ellie Schulman, Film and Television student, College of Communication

Best of the Food Web is a series that features websites and blogs that we find helpful and interesting. Some focus exclusively on food or health, some combine the two, but all are worthy of your attention!

Hey ya’ll. As promised, here’s part two of my reviews on good resources for those who live with Celiac Disease. Sorry this wasn’t up yesterday, I was busy adding some rebellious blue streaks to my hair.

National Foundation for Celiac Awareness

Today I’m reviewing the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness website, called Celiac Central, and despite the fact that the name is very similar to the Beth Israel site Celiac Now that I reviewed yesterday, the two sites are actually pretty different.

What I like most about Celiac Central is that its Celiac Disease information is all super straight forward. If a tab says “Celiac Symptoms” it actually gives you the symptoms. If it says “Diagnosis and Treatment” then it’s really just quick info about diagnosis and treatment. It’s as simple and straight forward as Wikipedia, except unlike Wiki, Celiac Central is composed of real facts.

Before you even ask, yes, they have gluten-free recipes, though it isn’t a whole plethora of disorganized recipes posted for your perusing. Instead, Celiac Central features a new recipe each week, which you can get an email subscription to. They also provide a series of recipes written up by different companies. For example, you can peek into the recipe box of Zatarain’s to find some wonderful gluten-free recipes using Zartarain’s products. Sure, it’s advertising—a wonderful demonstration of product integration catered toward the gluten-free crowd—but that doesn’t mean that the recipes are no good (I’m looking at a mouthwatering picture of the “Dirty Rice Burrito” right now…gimme).

If you click on the “Community” tab, you’ll find some pretty cool links, including a link for upcoming GF events and one for GF bloggers as well. Lisa Ferreira, a food allergy expert and Registered Dietitian for the SCNC, really loves the free webinars available under this tab. “The webinars are great for dietitians,” she says. “I was just listening to one a few weeks ago about the controversy surrounding the safety of beers that have had the gluten removed from them.” Clearly this website knows the hot issues in the gluten-free community! And hey, best of both worlds if it’s great for counselors and clients alike.

Anyway I hope these last two reviews have helped you somehow, whether you personally have Celiac Disease or you’re just trying to prove to your gluten-free roommate that this time you grabbed the right box of cookie dough.


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