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We have a lot of programs at the ERC and while our website does a good job of explaining them we thought you might be interested in hearing from some of the student leaders who make these programs possible.  We are starting a series where the peer tutors/leaders from the ERC describe their programs, who they are for, and what a typical meeting is like.

To start us off we have our Russian Language Link Leader, Julia Sinitsky.  It just might inspire you to go register for one of our Language Link groups.

Language Link is a program that allows students to improve their speaking ability in a specific language while interacting with a native speaker and other students.  The focus of the group is on speaking, pronouncing, listening and understanding each other.  Language Link leaders also provide insight in to the culture of the country or countries where the language is spoken and explain cultural norms and proper etiquette.  While attending Language Link students will not only be learning the language, but also be exposed to an array of foreign cuisines, movies, cartoons, works of poetry and literature, musical pieces, etc.  The purpose of each session is to enrich the mind with linguistic and cultural knowledge.  A typical session can be anything from a discussion on public education to a debate about mainstream television.  The object of this is to get students to hear some new vocabulary, and go beyond typical, mundane topics. The goal of Language Link Leaders is to get students a bit out of their comfort zones, to get them to try something new, and most importantly to not be afraid to speak.  Language Link is a multifaceted experience and is for everyone interested in learning a new language and a new culture.

Julia Sinitsky, CAS’14
Russian Language Link Leader

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