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Test Prep – It’s Never Too Early (even in the summer)

We know it’s summer vacation, but we thought we’d throw a brief video workshop online for those of you who’ve resolved to make this the “best fall semester ever” (translation: you’re telling yourselves you won’t procrastinate come exams this time. Really.) We asked some students to include their tips on test prep here. If you […]

Summer Check List

As a rising senior, I’ve been noticing this new problem in my life- I’ve been thinking about the future a LOT. I will be out with my friends, casually eating some Mixx when I realize my college career is nearly done (stop, I know there’s a year left, that doesn’t mean I’m frightened beyond belief). […]

Welcome 2015

While many Terriers are at home working on internships, summer jobs or their tans, the campus is ready to come back to life today. You guessed it- Summer Session 1 of Orientation begins today! We so excited! For all of us, the Class of 2015 means something different. The class of 2014 now knows their […]