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Think You Need an ERC Peer Tutor? Don’t Miss the Thursday, April 14 Deadline.

The end of the semester is coming up pretty quickly. If you’ve considered getting a little extra support in your courses between now and the end of the semester, check out the tutoring page on theĀ ERC website to find departmental resources that may be offered for your courses. There are a ton of academic support […]

Combating the Post-Test Blues

Are you a post-test worrier? Do you obsess about the answers that could have been? Take it from us, with enough prep work before the test, you won’t ponder too long about whether that multiple choice section sucked too many points off your score or whether that last blue book essay blew your professor away […]

Manage Your Time Wisely: One Day at a Time

How often do you look back on your week and wonder where all your time went? You had a blast, but somehow that paper didn’t get written. There’s a test coming up next week and you haven’t even started studying. The secret to managing your time wisely is to assess what you did and didn’t […]