Monthly Archives: July 2012

Like Sand Through the Hourglass…

Time is one of those forces we don’t think much about until we run out of it. Despite your best efforts, you can’t “make up for lost time.” Those hours of watching Jersey Shore reruns are gone forever. Is The Situation really worth it? For those of you who skimp on sleep to make up […]

Test Prep – It’s Never Too Early (even in the summer)

We know it’s summer vacation, but we thought we’d throw a brief video workshop online for those of you who’ve resolved to make this the “best fall semester ever” (translation: you’re telling yourselves you won’t procrastinate come exams this time. Really.) We asked some students to include their tips on test prep here. If you […]

In with the New: The ERC moves to 100 Bay State Road

Spring cleaning came early to the ERC this year; the staff is packing up to move to our new digs at the new Center for Student Services at 100 Bay State Road. We’ve been chattering about it pretty frequently, but as our office walls at the GSU become more bare and the moving boxes start […]