Monthly Archives: December 2011

Coffee @ Finals!

Coffee @ Finals is being offered again this semester! The ERC, in collaboration with CAS Student Government, is providing students with coffee and snacks, a quiet study location, as well as group study locations for students before finals begin. Coffee @ Finals will take place from 4pm to Midnight on Tuesday, December 13 and Wednesday, […]


In case you haven’t looked at a calendar yet or are just plain in denial, we wanted to offer a few last-minute tips for finals. Dean Elmore and Cecilia Lalama of the ERC swapped a few tips on what NOT to do when you finally get around to studying. Watch this video on YouTube Chrissy […]

Exams? Don’t Panic! Try this Relaxation Technique

If you’re the type to start gnawing on fingernails when stress hits or walk around with permanently hunched shoulders, chances are you need to learn to relax. Since it’s far more easily said than done, we thought we’d offer you a quick, easy exercise you can do almost everywhere (though a private, quiet spot may […]

Even in the Midst of Finals: Remember to Stop and Smell the Roses

As a Boston University student, we are given so many amazing opportunities at our school. There are innumerable concerts, shows, lectures- so many amazing things to enrich the student body. I remember going to the Mind and Brain Society of Boston University for their “Magic Berry” demonstration and finding it so crazy and interesting that […]