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Even in the Midst of Finals: Remember to Stop and Smell the Roses

As a Boston University student, we are given so many amazing opportunities at our school. There are innumerable concerts, shows, lectures- so many amazing things to enrich the student body. I remember going to the Mind and Brain Society of Boston University for their “Magic Berry” demonstration and finding it so crazy and interesting that […]

The Finals Countdown

Finishing mid-terms is bliss. The beautiful feeling of the beginning of the semester comes back. Studying? No way, I just took my mid-term. The next big test in your class is most likely over a month away and you can’t plan past this Friday night. Don’t fall into the mid-term relaxation trap! It’s time to […]

Greeks & Grades

Upon entering BU Central last Wednesday night, instead of hearing the normal faint music in the background of the atmosphere and the blinking noise of one of the arcade games, there was quiet conversation, the sound of pencils scratching on paper and the occasional pearl of laughter breaking the silence. If you looked closer at […]

Mid-term Madness

You wake up at 8:30 and immediately want to press snooze. Boston is fueling your desire by making sure it’s cloudy, gloomy and raining outside (as seems to be the usual these days). Then you remember- it’s your WEEK. Everyone has one and they’re probably the least fun part of college- mid-term week. Mid-terms are […]

Comm Ave Fair 2011

The second annual Comm Ave Fair is happening in two days! This BU tradition in-the-making brings together all the schools and colleges as well as departments like the Educational Resource Center in a festive environment where each office can showcase its programs and students can see how rich the BU community really is….Class of 2015, […]

August Reflections

Today is August 1st. I absolutely cannot believe it. Does anyone else feel like cramming for finals and itching for summer was just yesterday? Right now, as many of you are, I’m a little bit anxious for school to start back up. I’m excited for everything that comes with a new school year- seeing friends […]

The Perfect Dorm Room

As much as I like to ignore it, the new school year is quickly approaching (okay, that’s a lie- I am obviously counting down the days until BU starts back up, I have clean slates in all my courses and all my friends return for the year!). With that, companies are already advertising “back to […]

A new Trac…

Requesting a tutor at the ERC just got easier. As part of our former application process to get a tutor, students were asked to fill out a sheet of paper describing their need for a tutor and general contact information. Students had to fill out their availability on a grid, often with colored pens and […]

Summer Check List

As a rising senior, I’ve been noticing this new problem in my life- I’ve been thinking about the future a LOT. I will be out with my friends, casually eating some Mixx when I realize my college career is nearly done (stop, I know there’s a year left, that doesn’t mean I’m frightened beyond belief). […]

Happy #SMDay!

So I get that a lot of you out there might think the title of this blog is strange. To translate, I’m wishing you a “Happy Social Media Day!” and if you’re at BU right now, “Happy #SMDayBos” to be specific. I think that, as a culture, social media is helping to improve us. I […]