The Finals Countdown

Finishing mid-terms is bliss. The beautiful feeling of the beginning of the semester comes back. Studying? No way, I just took my mid-term. The next big test in your class is most likely over a month away and you can’t plan past this Friday night. Don’t fall into the mid-term relaxation trap! It’s time to start for the Finals Countdown (please excuse our awful pun). Try these helpful tips to make sure that you aren’t panicking come this December.

– How did you do on your test? Did you feel prepared? What went right? What went wrong? Although it can feel good to simply forget about the test in a feeling of a relief that it’s finally over, it’s very important to look over how you felt taking the exam so you can improve the next time around. If you studied in a way you considered adequate but you still felt shaky after the exam, improve your test taking and studying for the next time around.

– Save your tests! If your final is cumulative, your mid-term is a perfect, pre-made study guide for the first half of your course. It helps you remember what the professor focused on and can help you remember what types of topics they might mention on the final. If it’s not cumulative, it’s still a good way to remember the formating of the test.

– Use your mid-terms to try and predict the exam questions. Essay tests generally cover overarching themes and are often some of the same themed questions. Focus heavily on the themes covered in the second half of the semester, but relate them to the initial questions asked.

– Meeting with an ERC staff member!! We’re here to help you and are always willing to talk to students one-on-one for specific academic concerns. Call the ERC at 617-353-7077 to make an appointment through one of the OA’s at the Front Desk. If you’re more into the group scene, check out our workshop “Test Preparation/Managing Test Anxiety” on November 30th in GSU 320. Be sure to check out the remainder of our workshop schedule to see what interests you as well!

Keep on trucking til the end of the semester!
OA Love,

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