Monthly Archives: September 2013

Sleep: A True “Frenemy”

Elise Korte is a Wellness and Prevention Office intern and guest ERC blogger. As sad as we all were to see summer come to a close, it’s always nice to come back to the friendly face of routine. We’re starting to settle into classes, getting back to the books, and let me guess: You made […]

Timing is Everything

Gin Schaffer is the Associate Director of the ERC Those watches on your wrists and clocks on your walls apologize.  They really just want to tell you what time it is. They mean no harm. They don’t like seeing you panic, wondering: ‘Where, oh where has all the time gone!’ The truth is, time is […]

Peer Tutoring Info Sessions: This Week at the ERC

If you’re wondering about the Peer Tutoring program but don’t know if a tutor is right for you, get to a Peer Tutoring Info Session at the ERC this week. Peer Tutoring Info Sessions are scheduled each evening this week, through Thursday. We’ll have staff to answer all your questions about the program. Click here […]

Email Etiquette: Crafting Quality Correspondence

Michael Lantvet is the ERC’s Assistant Director for Tutoring Services. Email and texting are probably the most common ways that we communicate with each other.  Now that you’re here at BU, you’re probably going to do even more emailing than you ever have before (if that’s possible) and there are a few things you might […]

It’s a New Year: Get Ready. Get Set. Goal.

Gin Schaffer is the Associate Director of the ERC. She makes the ERC run smoothly, mostly because she’s always goal-setting. I believe that we get two chances a year to start over; learn something new and maybe, just maybe, achieve a goal that seemed impossible. When December 31st becomes January 1st, it’s easy to become […]