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Why Procrastinate Now When You Can Procrastinate Later?

In the spirit of finals week, the OAs have decided to post about something very near and dear to our hearts: procrastination. Being tempted by Facebook, quick bathroom breaks and snacks is easy and avoiding these temptations is difficult, but very important. Here’s some advice to make sure you’re studying in the most effective way […]

Studying to get to Spring Break

Everyone has a midterm ritual he or she follows *. Mike personally studies for a few hours with snack breaks and possibly even moving camp. I, however, hunker down in one spot, plug in my headphones to Fratmusic.com and eat as many pretzel m&m’s as possible. During the Spring semester, it always seems harder to […]

Welcome to the Office Assistant Corner!

Hey everyone! Welcome to the Office Assistant Corner (OAC) with us, Kaitlin and Mike. We are both students in the College of Communication, studying Mass Communication and Journalism, respectively. We have been working here at the ERC for a combined seven semesters and have a lot of experience helping students find the appropriate tutoring and […]