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Combating the Post-Test Blues

Are you a post-test worrier? Do you obsess about the answers that could have been? Take it from us, with enough prep work before the test, you won’t ponder too long about whether that multiple choice section sucked too many points off your score or whether that last blue book essay blew your professor away […]

Know Thyself: What’s your Learning Style?

Being a “good” student really means being consistent, but if certain study techniques aren’t working for you, it might be time to re-evaluate the way you study. ¬†Flash cards aren’t for everyone, for example and some students may learn better by reciting terms or concepts out loud. This Sensory Preference Self Test will help you […]

Is this a good place to study? Take the Quiz!!

With a special thanks to the Division of Student Affairs Study Environment Analysis The purpose of this inventory is to help you evaluate the three places you study most frequently. Begin by identifying these three locations in the blanks below. List them in the order in which you use them most frequently.¬†Then answer each question […]