Monthly Archives: March 2012

Bucket List

With under 6 weeks of class left what’s on your bucket list? When it hit me over the summer that I only had one year left at BU, I started to remember all of the things I had meant to do as an eager freshman. I imagined myself doing something adventurous every weekend; checking out […]

Showin’ Some Love for Cats and Dogs in the Second City

This week, more than 400 BU students are performing community service across the country on more than 30 Alternative Spring Break trips. Together with their chaperones, mostly BU staff members, these folks are road tripping, building homes, caring for the elderly and generally offering comfort where comfort is needed. Our own Patrick Devanney, the ERC’s […]

If You’re Reading This on Spring Break Week; You’re Probably Not in Aruba

Not everyone can jet set around to the slopes or a tropical oasis on Spring Break week; someone has to hang back and prep for St. Patrick’s day parties, put more hours into that spring internship or just enjoy alone time in that suddenly very quiet off-campus apartment. If you’re in this category and just […]