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You Can’t format Papers in Gangnam Style (Unfortunately)

Academic citation may not sound exciting, but once you get past the dry business of formatting, ethical questions of plagiarism, the origin/ownership of ideas, and common knowledge are actually fascinating topics…for another post. Formatting first! The American Psychological Association, the modern Language Association, and the Chicago Manual of Style have each created a set of […]

OK, So I Wrote a Draft. What’s Next?

Many times, getting a first draft on the page is the hardest part. But it’s also only the first step of writing a successful essay. The key to a great final product is revision: the process of rethinking and reworking the paper, including the thesis, organization, evidence, and prose style. Here are some tips about […]

Majors, Internships & Careers: Why? How? When?

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to major in something completely different? Or can you not imagine life in any other field of study? Why are you studying [insert major here] anyway? What do you hope to actually do in the real world? Do you just want to go to a faraway […]

Test Prep Made Simple

Rebecca Shinners is a CCD-ERC Student Ambassador. It’s that time of the semester—your notebooks are rapidly filling up, the red due dates you marked on your calendar are getting closer, and your textbooks have turned colors from all of your highlighting. Sound familiar? The first tests of the semester are approaching. After 3 long months […]