Monthly Archives: July 2011

The Perfect Dorm Room

As much as I like to ignore it, the new school year is quickly approaching (okay, that’s a lie- I am obviously counting down the days until BU starts back up, I have clean slates in all my courses and all my friends return for the year!). With that, companies are already advertising “back to […]

A new Trac…

Requesting a tutor at the ERC just got easier. As part of our former application process to get a tutor, students were asked to fill out a sheet of paper describing their need for a tutor and general contact information. Students had to fill out their availability on a grid, often with colored pens and […]

Office Hours Organization

Office Hours Prep Sheet Professors’ and teaching assistants’ office hours can be some of the most useful meetings in your college career. Going into them, however, can be a little bit intimidating. To help prepare yourself for the one on one meeting, come in with questions and exact issue areas for what you need help […]

Summer Check List

As a rising senior, I’ve been noticing this new problem in my life- I’ve been thinking about the future a LOT. I will be out with my friends, casually eating some Mixx when I realize my college career is nearly done (stop, I know there’s a year left, that doesn’t mean I’m frightened beyond belief). […]