Summer Check List

As a rising senior, I’ve been noticing this new problem in my life- I’ve been thinking about the future a LOT. I will be out with my friends, casually eating some Mixx when I realize my college career is nearly done (stop, I know there’s a year left, that doesn’t mean I’m frightened beyond belief). It seems strange that while my summer at the ERC has been revolving around the incoming class of 2015 and the beginning of college, I’m actually about to start the last of my four years here. I spend my days talking to incoming students and their parents about how to make the most of their time here, constantly saying “be proactive!” Therefore, I give you another one of my lists that I love so dearly about how to use your summer time wisely and avoid that stressed, panicked feeling!

1. Set up your BU Google Mail account – starting in the Fall, all of Boston University will be using this new system. It’s going to be amazing to have everyone synchronized not only on a new mailing system, but on all of Google and their resources (aka I’m excited for the day when we leave the world of Facebook behind and starting Google+ -ing every day!) Speaking of Google’s different apps..

2. Set up your gCal, iCal or planner – I am a firm believer in organization as a means of getting things done. There are lots of different organizational methods; I prefer having my digital ones synced, but always have my hard copy on me. BY putting certain important dates in your calendars before the school year starts, it’s a great way to have a head start and feel good about coming back to school with a plan.

3. Update your LinkedIn – First of all, I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt that everyone is on LinkedIn because it is quickly becoming a necessity in the job market. If not, sign up immediately and start networking! It will give you the sense of being proactive about your future career prospects

4. Visit the CCD – The Center for Career Development, at 19 Deerfield Street in Kenmore Square, offers a plethora of resources to help you land a job or an internship. While many of us already have summer employment, it’s great to look ahead to fall internships. It’s also great to sit down and have a practice interview where you get to walk away with a handy DVD of yourself, learning from your mistakes and the nervous habits you might do while in an interview. Sharpen your resume and get yourself hired!

5. Relax – So this might be my mom’s advice more than my own, as she’s always telling me to slow down and smell the roses. Summertime, as busy as it may be for a college student, is still less hectic than having to balance the school year and everything that comes along with it. Enjoy Boston’s weather while we still have it because even though it might be raining on occasion, it’s still better than the snow we’ll inevitably get this winter.

Keep on truckin’ terrier fam
OA Love


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Monique posted on July 1, 2011 at 11:08 AM

Agree with every point, especially the iCal. Love it girl!

-A fellow OA

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