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ERC Office Assistants share their wisdom

Career Expo In Review

Last Wednesday the Center for Career Development hosted their Spring Career Expo with over 125 different employers!  Career Fairs are great not only for students actively looking for post-college jobs but also for underclassman students to get a feel for how to market their studies in the future.  Several of our Office Assistants took the […]

The Finals Countdown

Finishing mid-terms is bliss. The beautiful feeling of the beginning of the semester comes back. Studying? No way, I just took my mid-term. The next big test in your class is most likely over a month away and you can’t plan past this Friday night. Don’t fall into the mid-term relaxation trap! It’s time to […]

The Perfect Dorm Room

As much as I like to ignore it, the new school year is quickly approaching (okay, that’s a lie- I am obviously counting down the days until BU starts back up, I have clean slates in all my courses and all my friends return for the year!). With that, companies are already advertising “back to […]

Summer Check List

As a rising senior, I’ve been noticing this new problem in my life- I’ve been thinking about the future a LOT. I will be out with my friends, casually eating some Mixx when I realize my college career is nearly done (stop, I know there’s a year left, that doesn’t mean I’m frightened beyond belief). […]

Happy #SMDay!

So I get that a lot of you out there might think the title of this blog is strange. To translate, I’m wishing you a “Happy Social Media Day!” and if you’re at BU right now, “Happy #SMDayBos” to be specific. I think that, as a culture, social media is helping to improve us. I […]

It’s Summer but we’re still Students

Not to toot my own horn, but I’m a pro at summers. Back in the day, I could lay by the pool or play Frisbee at the beach with the best of them. I grew up near the water and lived the epitome of summer every summer. Transitioning to summer at BU was a bit […]

Welcome 2015

While many Terriers are at home working on internships, summer jobs or their tans, the campus is ready to come back to life today. You guessed it- Summer Session 1 of Orientation begins today! We so excited! For all of us, the Class of 2015 means something different. The class of 2014 now knows their […]

Twitter Celebrities

Hi there Terriers! So I just assumed that everyone used Twitter as obsessively as I do. However, the other day in my COM class, there became a heated debate if the 140 character social media platform was going to be a lasting trend. My jaw dropped- most COM students I know have their smart phone […]

Friends Don’t Let Friends Surf Aimlessly

Hey Blog Followers! Katie and Mike here to talk a little about distractions. For us, we’re always playing Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream at work (it never gets old) and it sometimes keeps us from writing awesome blog posts for the OA Corner. Here are a couple of cool ways to manage your online time and […]

Studying to get to Spring Break

Everyone has a midterm ritual he or she follows *. Mike personally studies for a few hours with snack breaks and possibly even moving camp. I, however, hunker down in one spot, plug in my headphones to and eat as many pretzel m&m’s as possible. During the Spring semester, it always seems harder to […]